《FX》是一本商业空间设计杂志。 在过去的二十年中,它已成为全球合同室内设计市场的领导者。 FX达到了商业合同内部市场中最具影响力的指标。 FX在每一期中都涵盖了合同行业的所有部门,这使其对所有设计师都具有无价的价值,也使他们不得不阅读。 每期都包含来自室内设计各个领域(包括酒店,商业,休闲,零售,医疗保健和教育)的领先实践和供应商的观点,色彩和争议。FX, the business of design. Over the past two decades it has become the market leader in worldwide contract interior design. FX reaches the most influential specifiers in the commercial contract interior market. FX includes all sectors of the contract industry in each issue to make it both invaluable to all designers as well as a compulsive read. Each issue is packed with opinion, colour and controversy from the leading practices and suppliers across all sectors of interior design including hotel, commercial, leisure, retail, healthcare and education.