《Good HouseKeeping》的“好家政”和“南非荷兰语版”针对希望在生活的各个方面找到品质和价值的女性,提供经过尝试和值得信赖的内容,这些内容将激发他们忙碌的生活的各个方面,从健康,保健到饮食和健身 ,美丽以及个人风格和养育子女的家。 Good Housekeeping的编辑承诺是在Good Housekeeping Approval批准书的基础上提供“经过尝试,测试和信任”的内容。 Aimed at women who are looking to find quality and value in every aspect of their lives, Good Housekeeping and Afrikaans edition, Goeie Huishouding, offer them tried and trusted content that will inspire all areas of their busy lives from health and wellness to food and fitness, beauty and home to personal style and parenting. Good Housekeeping’s editorial promise is to offer ‘tried, tested and trusted’ content, underpinned by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.