《Hospitality Design 酒店设计》是酒店设计领先的杂志,提供有关酒店行业新闻的全面报道,并独家报道最新的生态友好型绿色酒店和酒吧设计。 《高清杂志》可为您提供最新的酒店技术和创新思想趋势。 从最近的酒店翻新和开业到屡获殊荣的豪华酒店和酒店建设项目,HD Magazine都会使您了解与酒店业务最相关的新闻。Hospitality Design is the leading publication providing comprehensive reporting on hotel industry news and exclusive coverage of the latest ecological-friendly green hotels and bar designs. HD Magazine keeps you updated on the latest hotel trends in technology and innovative ideas. From recent hotel renovations and openings to award-winning luxury hotels and hotel construction projects, HD Magazine keeps you informed on news that matters most to your hospitality business.