《Prima》提供现实生活中的指导,灵感和想法,以简化当今现代女性的生活。在《Prima》杂志中,有适合每个人的东西–有关如何外观和感觉自己最好的建议,省时省钱的解决方案,快速简便的食物,美丽的房屋和花园,以及最重要的是让您充分享受生活所需的一切。Prima通过分享经验以及现实生活中的灵感和建议,满足了日常女性的情感需求,涵盖了与每个人生阶段相关的问题。 它的语气是支持,热情,乐于助人和有趣的,具有积极的生活态度和现代观点。Prima delivers real life guidance, inspiration & ideas to simplify the lives of modern woman today.In Prima Magazine there is something for everyone – advice on how to look and feel your best, time and money saving solutions, quick and easy food, beautiful homes and gardens, and above all everything you need to get the most out of life.Prima addresses the emotional needs of everyday women, covering issues relevant to every life stage, through shared experiences and real life inspiration and advice. Its tone is supportive, warm, helpful and fun, with a positive approach to life and a modern point of view.