《Psychologies》是具有时代敏感度的新女性杂志。 她超越了对物质和外表的简单描述和单一追求,启发新时代的女性追求身体,思想和心灵的和谐统一,实现丰富而愉快的人生。她是一本镜像杂志,让你看到自己,自己的生活各个方面,以及和生活中和自己最相关的人。
Psychologies is the only women’s glossy magazine that aims to address what we’re really like, not just what we look like. If you’re interested in intelligent topics like behaviour, personality and how the huge changes happening in the world of work, consumption and social media will affect you, this is a must-buy. We keep up with the latest psychological research and trends, use great writers, seek out expert opinion, and give well-supported advice. We also have a strong ethos of positivity, in interviews, health, wellbeing and beauty.