《Total Tattoo》是一本面向纹身爱好者的高质量月刊。 Total Tattoo令人鼓舞,展示着全球最佳艺术家的最精美纹身。 Total Tattoo非常智能,可为您带来有关纹身历史和全球文化的发人深省的文章和有趣的功能。 Total Tattoo内容丰富,可为您提供有关选择优质纹身的绝妙建议。 毕竟,您的身体只应得到最好的。Total Tattoo is a high quality, monthly magazine for tattoo enthusiasts. Total Tattoo is inspirational, showcasing the finest tattoos by the best artists worldwide. Total Tattoo is intelligent, bringing you thought provoking articles and fascinating features about tattoo history and global culture. Total Tattoo is informative giving you great advice about choosing great tattoos. After all, your body deserves only the very best.